Tinapang Manok

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Tinapang Manok

Ingredients: Whole Chicken, salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce, butter, calamansi, onion, lemongrass

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Size - Tinapang Manok

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5 reviews for Tinapang Manok

  1. wowoadmin

    Must try!!!!

  2. Susan Choi


  3. Chi Sacobo

    Para sa amin, best reheated in the turbo oven/oven.
    Malinamnamn, malambot, and masarap na ulam sa mainit na kanin. Sulit!

  4. Dianna Tan

    Very good and ingenious idea to smoked chicken. I use it for pasta and salad toppings as well. Eating it with atsarang labanos is also another of our favorite.

  5. CJ

    First time to try tinapang manok and Wowo’s made me crave for more! Full of flavor and can stand alone without the sauce but I must also say, the sauce was very yummy! Highly recommended!

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